Past Speakers and Topics

September 2023Paul Ferguson, BA, MA, JD
The Role of the Criminal Defence Lawyer in BC and in Canada
October 2023Michael Geller, Architect, Planner
So where are we going to live next?
November 2023Anna Slivinski, RD, Clinical Instructor – UBC Dietetics Program
Home and Community Care – VGH
Eating Well to Age Well
December 2023Christmas Luncheon
West Vancouver Yacht Club
Speaker: Janice Bannister, Owner, Laughter Zone 101
Laughter Wellness
January 2024Fran McDougall, Executive Director, ACT2 Child and Family Services
Transforming Trauma into Hope
February 2024Dr. Hilary Letwin, Museum Admin/Curator – West Vancouver Art Museum
Cornelia Oberlander, Landscape Architect
March 2024Max Wyman, Vancouver Writer and Cultural Commentator
Interviewed by: Ken MacQueen
Can Art Help Us Build a Better World
April 2024Carolyn Canfield, Violinist
The Mystery of Music and Emotion
May 2024Leslie Howard, Author
Turning Fact into Fiction – Using True Stories and Events to Unlock the Creative Mind
June 2024Dr. Paul Evans, Professor UBC,
China Revisited
September 2022Patient Pathways – Connie Jorsvik
Navigating the BC Healthcare System: Community
(Doctors, Specialists and Emergency)
October 2022Jason Ainslie – Principals Talent
Movie Production
November 2022Madison Mailey – Gold Medal Olympian
Going for Gold – Planning is Key
December 2022Special Christmas Event
Amy Newman and The Christmas Revelers
January 2023Jim Allworth – RBC Wealth Management
Research Analyst and Portfolio Strategist
Where do we go from here?
February 2023Vickie Jensen, Author
The Story of BC’s World-Class Undersea Tech Industry
March 2023Jane Jordan, Coordinator of the Every Day Counts Palliative Care
Program in North Vancouver
What is Palliative Care?
April 2023Dr. Hillary Letwin, Curator West Vancouver Arts Museum
The Life and Work of Gordon Smith
May 2023Dr. Paul Evans, Professor UBC
Navigating a Cold War with China
June 2023Annual General Meeting
Kim Gramlich, Delta Police Dept., Victims Services Unit
Pacific Assistance Dogs Society (PADS)
Changing Lives – one Dog at a time
2021/2022SPEAKER and TOPIC
September 2021Joseph Elworthy, President & CEO Vancouver Academy of Music
Arts and Culture
“Arts and Culture after the Pandemic”
October 2021Eric Soloman, Director of Arctic Programs at Oceanwise
“Arctic Research, Conservation and Education Initiatives”
November 2021Kevin Obermeyer, President and CEO Pacific Pilotage Authority
“Movement of Large Vessels in BC Coastal Waters”
December 2021Special Christmas Performance – THE HOT MAMMAS
January 2022Ms. Zulie Sachedina
“Globalization, Health Care and post Covid challenges”
February 2022Ms. Barbara Hilden, MONOVA and Dr. Jessica Bushey, North Vancouver Archives
“New MONOVA Museum and a Photographic history of North Vancouver”
March 2022Ms. Kelsey Bradshaw and Ms. Clair Parke, Stellow Interior Design
“5 Tips to make your home feel more designed and complete”
April 2022S.Siobhan McCarthy Product Specialist, Formulator & Plant Medicine Educator
“Using cannabis as a supportive medicine for health and well-being, focusing on topicals and CBD (Cannabidiol)”
May 2022Dan Fumano – Vancouver Sun and Province Newspapers
“How to identify misinformation/fake news. How it spreads when reading on-line.”
June 2022CLUB Annual General Meeting, and two guest speakers
– Mr. John Pyrik, past intelligence officer, former securities investigator for BC Securities Commission and analyst for fraud, money laundering and terrorism financing
Investor Beware – Affinity fraud where fraudster claims something in common with the victim.
– Sgt. Mark McLean, Supervisor, Community Services, West Vancouver Police Department
Current Frauds to be aware of in West Vancouver
2020/2021SPEAKER and TOPIC
September 2020Lieutenant Governor, Her Honour Janet Austin
October 2020Isobel MacKenzie, Senior’s Advocate for BC
November 2020Peri Mainwaring, RCMP
“Popular Scams”
December 2020Special Christmas Event with Pandora’s Vox
January 2021Dr. Paul Evans
“How to Live with China Ascending”
February 2021Dr. Cheryl Wellington
“Advances in Alzheimer Disease early Detection”
March 2021Dr. Inderveer Mahal
April 2021Royal Marine Search and Rescue from North Shore
May 2021Paul Budra
“The Shakespeare Conspiracy”
June 2021Bruce Allen
“A Conversation with Bruce Allen, Talent Agent and Former Talk Show Host